The Beet Box

Once we’d decided to take the big step of making our dream a reality and started looking for a wagon (with no prior food truck experience) we were totally overwhelmed – where do you start? Trailer, van, conversion, convert it ourselves? There wasn’t much close by and we even looked as far afield as York, but then we found our little lorry, just up the road in London :)

Already kitted out with a full oven and griddle, fridge and freezers, it was just what we were looking for… slightly bigger than we first imagined, but Perfect Pasta was perfect for us.

With a design plan already in my mind, along with my favourite designer Jennie Lewis of Sunside Studio we hatched a plan. It was a painstakingly slow process of hand peeling all the old vinyl off the van before we then had to sand the whole thing down and paint it our favourite shade of green ‘leprachaun laugh'. Then it was time for the graphics – one of my favourites “everyday we’re brusseling”. 

My brother Josh, owner of The Plank Company Events helped us out with the wooden panelling and we are nearly there… just the cab and we’ll be complete.